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Animes recommending [Sep. 16th, 2008|07:25 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
so for this part of the year has mostly been the romantic dramady (comedy/drama) along w/ horror and action. So lets get started.

Bamboo Blade
-a sports comedy that involves the all girl Kendo team in high school. It all started when the sensei made a deal w/ his senpai (refered to older classmate) who also teaches kendo in another high school that if his team can beat his rival, he can eat free sushi for a year.

Hell Girl
-It's a collection of short stories thats perfect for halloween around the corner. This involves a website that can bring revenge on the person who you dislike but it comes w/ a price; to do so, your soul will also go to hell once you complete your lifespan. Obviousely, these horrors is based on the shinto religion on hwo people are sent to hell. I havent seen the second season since the last episodes i wanted to watch were removed but the sound tracks are kool listen. and dont let the little girl fool you, she's the person who will send your enemies to hell.

The Wallflower
-So you got get to live in a large mansion w/ your friends when suddenly the landload tells you to make her neice a "lady" or else they must pay the rent. Thats the story of this anime when the neice gave up on beauty and living in a dark room and like the sight of anything that is scary...but she can cook!

Nanaka 6/17
-dont ask me why im watchign this anime thats possibly aimed for younger audiance but it was fun watching it. The sort revolves around Nanaka (17), a high school student who does nothign more than study and have no friends. But when she had a fight w/ her childhood friend Neji and hitting her head from a nasty fall, she wakes up only to think if she's 6 years old before being the cold hearted person she was before.

Ouran High School Host Club
-Haruhi just started her high school in a school thats reserved for the rich and famous (she got in from a scholarship). Just whe she was looking for a room to study, she runs into the school's host club and after accidently breaking their vase that was to be auctioned off was made a servant before discovering harushi's natural look. It's hard to believe since they later find out that she's really a girl. here's a trailer thats comming out in english soon. ill get it when its out.

Please Teacher!
-romantic comedy about a high school boy who's actually 18 y/o due to having an illness called a "stand still" when he meets an alien explorer who happend to disguise herself as his next door neighbor and high school teacher.

Please Twins!
-romantic comedy sequal that takes place months after Please Teacher! this revolves around 3 teens; a boy and two girls whom one of them might be his long lost twin sister yet all have the same color eyes and the same photo.

-Romantic dramedy based on the light novels that I'm currently watching at hte moment. The main character Sana leaves for Tokyo after saying goodbye to his childhood friends. 5 years later, she returns to the small town to live on his own while attending high school and being reunited w/ his friends...except one whom she had changed over the years. I'm sure ill cry later on.