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2 weeks later... [Oct. 23rd, 2009|07:45 am]
AJ Kamikaze
...I finished watching Hell Girl (Jikoku Shoujo) seasons 2 & 3. I have a week to spare before halloween. Obviousely, I'm watching anime that's halloween related before I start watching a new anime. I think I'll watch it till November so I can have a break. No I wasnt watching anime and ignoring my studies. I was watching 2 episodes a day; that's about 50 minutes a day. Until then, I might get more into the gaia zOMG game. Oh btw if youre wondering the new anime I'll be watching, I'll be watching "Euphoric Field - A Tale of Memories" and maybe it's sequal "Euphoric Field - A Tale of Melodies". It's recommended for people who are fans/watched such light novels turn animes as Kanon, Clannad series, and Air TV. So that means I'll be crying a few episodes (no surprise there). So enjoy the opening (and yes, it's in English in the first 25 episodes).


Ill post my other entires like school and life later on since I want to seperate each topic...or else I end up with a large entry.