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AJ Kamikaze

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Animes watched on Fall 2010 [Dec. 17th, 2010|09:59 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
Genshiken (seasons 1 & 2)
-Comedy, slice-of-life (aka "some personal drama")
-What is it like for a college student to join a club? Well this is the story of how one young college student and his classmates deal their everyday life of an anime-theme club called Genshiken (The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture). Based on the popular manga, the anime spans 4 years of the students as viewers plunge into the world of what an OTAKU is from playing video games, reading mangas, and cosplaying! Enjoy watchign w/ your friends. Not an Otaku? You'll relate to one of the members who has to deal w/ her otaku boyfriend.

Opening from Season 1


Taisho Baseball Girls
-Historic, slice-of-life, sports
-The year is 1925 in the Taisho era (Taisho 14) Japan. Japan at the time is moving fast in becomming more westernized in Asia and adopting western ideas. Sadly, not all agree to it. The highschool girls wanted to play baseball, but are looked down because it's a sport that a woman shouldn't be in. With the help of their homeroom and English teacher, an American, they will learn what baseball is all about and prove that women can be competative in the sport. Took a while but the animation style was also used on the anime Nanaka 6/17. This is also an anime that intregrates CGI. BTW, this is also the year when school girls are starting to be issued the famous "sailor" uniforms!

Opening w/o the subtitles.


Yosuga no Sora
-Romantic dramady
-After the death of their parents, fraternal twins Haru and Sora move into their old grandparent's residents in rural Japan where Haru meet once again familiar faces. This anime is based on ARC stories where one's action can affect other's around him.
CGI is heavily intergated into this anime. If you're familiar w/ the anime "Myself; Yourself", its the same animation style from the same people. I won't give any spoilers, but I hope nobody dies!

opening w/o subtitles


-Romantic comedy
-Let's just say that this is the most craziest, insane anime I have watched so far. The story revolves around high schooler Tarou as being a masochrist. To solve this problem, his friend points him the direction to his club called Secondary Volunatary Club. Bad idea, when the president of the club has a superiority complex and her school nurse friend a sadist. Every time the president tortures him, he would instead get excited of the pain instead of the opposite effect. Not to mention other club members including a girl w/ androphobia (a fear of men) who was responcible in turning Tarou into a masochrist and his best friend who turned out to be a cross-dresser. it isn't easy on him when he's home as his older sister and his mother want to get into an incest relationship with him. The anime is from the creators of the anime K-On and the president's voice actress did the voice of Azusa of K-On.

opening w/o subtitles


Oreimo (My little sister can't be this cute)
-Romantic comedy
-For years Kyosuke and his little sister Kirino havent been in talking terms but instead tend to either ignore or argue. One day he finds an anime on the front door and figuring out who is the sole owner of the DVD. it turns out to be his younger sister's. For the first time, they have a serious conversation in years as Kirino reveals to her brother her collection of anime and games she had kept secret from others as a closet Otaku. The openings are different yet the same song btu the anime's ending uses different songs for every episode.

3rd opening w/ English Subtitles


Seitokai Yakuindomo
-Sexual comedy
-How does it feel to finally go to a high school that you've been accepted? For Tsuda, it's akward for the school just made co-ed yet the majority of the school population are girls, making him the only guy stand out. This caught on the eye of the student council president who decided to make him vice-president (more like forced him)and a representative of the male population (though hardly). Joining him is an airhead for a secretary and a genius treasurer who is always mistaken for a child for her "short" height, though I would add she understands Tsuda and considered one of the "normal" girls. You would think this would excite a guy but turns out to be one of those decisions you wish you would want to go to another school. Be forwarned that this anime is full of sexual dark humor. Not even the Opening credits is safe!

Opening w/ English subtitles (Warning!)


Angel Beats!
-Action, supernational, dramedy
-When you think of a school or an academy? Learning math? Science? What about a place where high school students die and their souls arriving to a school serving as a place in weather to stay as spirits or to move on into the afterlife or be reincarnated. Not all agree to it as some students take on an Angel/Student council president and wage war in denying that they are dead. From the creators of Air TV, Kanon, and Clannad season's 1 & 2 brings you an anime that uses CGI to their fullest combined w/ their breath taking animation and soundtrack. This will bring you in tears of laughter and sadness!

Opening w English subtitles


PS- pay attention to the piano, that's not hand drawn!
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2 weeks later... [Oct. 23rd, 2009|07:45 am]
AJ Kamikaze
...I finished watching Hell Girl (Jikoku Shoujo) seasons 2 & 3. I have a week to spare before halloween. Obviousely, I'm watching anime that's halloween related before I start watching a new anime. I think I'll watch it till November so I can have a break. No I wasnt watching anime and ignoring my studies. I was watching 2 episodes a day; that's about 50 minutes a day. Until then, I might get more into the gaia zOMG game. Oh btw if youre wondering the new anime I'll be watching, I'll be watching "Euphoric Field - A Tale of Memories" and maybe it's sequal "Euphoric Field - A Tale of Melodies". It's recommended for people who are fans/watched such light novels turn animes as Kanon, Clannad series, and Air TV. So that means I'll be crying a few episodes (no surprise there). So enjoy the opening (and yes, it's in English in the first 25 episodes).


Ill post my other entires like school and life later on since I want to seperate each topic...or else I end up with a large entry.
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new anime to watch [May. 4th, 2009|06:50 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
Surprisingly, I was planning on watching this anime on the internet after I finish up Fruits Basket but Ch 18.2 (Japanese station for DTV users in SoCal) will being showing it this Saturday evening. The anime is called "True Tears" and yes, its one of the anime genres I normally watch (romantic dramady/slice of life). So maybe i shoudl record it that evening since I'm somewhere by then. So far what I can tell you for now is that the story revolve around a high school boy whos childhood friend moved in with him after her father died since both the fathers were best friends. A year later where the story takes place, things have changed, the female friend acts cold around him while at their high school acts normal. This gots to be interesting. So here's the anime's opening which I love so much that I'm still finding it on limewire.

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Nana and Anna [Mar. 18th, 2009|06:16 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
So its been a while since I last seen the anime (not the movie) "Nana" but I decided to check out Anna Tsuchiya's music video for one of the anime's opening (she actually provides the singing voice of Nana) "Rose". I should of checked it out earlier since I'm surprised how close both the openings are together (the part where "both" are on stage performing).


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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2009|08:31 am]
AJ Kamikaze
When I got home yesturday, my mom was talking to my uncle over the phone w/ a tone i havent heard in a while. She just informed her younger brother that there sister (my auntie Melda) passed away in the morning (pacific time/US) from a brain tumor. Tonight, my mom, aunts and uncles will be leaving LAX for the philippines to attend the service/funeral for a while and wont be back till the 13th of next month. We thought she was getting better form the treatment but got worse last week when she had to have a feeding tube inserted in her and being bed ridden again. Now it's now 9 members left from the original 10 siblings of the Pacleb clan (my mom is the 4th child but also the eldest daughter), w/ my uncle Alex being the only one in the philippines while the rest, especially my mom, immigrated to become U.S. citizens. They were actually 12 of them btu both died very young, one from child birth, the other during the occupation in WWII. I knwo my cousins are hit very hard from this and I knwo we wont be seeing each others on the webcam anytime soon.

I finished filming myself to post on youtube in what's going on w/ WMG, but its in the process of editing before it can be uploaded. It's about 3 minutes long.
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Youtube.....It's on now! [Feb. 23rd, 2009|08:31 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
[Current Mood |angryangry]

Last night, I got a notice from youtube saying I must take down my video due to copyright infringments. Of course I had no choice but to take it down or else delete my account. how unfair is that?! I was actually thinking of expanding my youtube account by posting my reviews on airsoft guns I have, and possibly other stuff like vlogs and stuff. I was actually thinkning of doing a history of the resident evil games but instead now having it on hold due to whats going on now.

It seems I'm only a victim but I'm not alone. Alot fo youtube people, especially TolstoyKafkaEvsky and Shadowleggy (if you dont watch youtube channels) are complainning about it. I mean they have a right to take away movies that are loaded up in youtube but why take away music that we even cite in our videos? I mean we're getting you [youtube] guys paid while we express our videos through our P.O.V. So it's now over a month thisis happening so if you want more information, here's a video on youtube abotu what's going on. Enjoy! And long live the revolution!

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Halloween and finally at last! [Nov. 1st, 2008|12:48 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
So before we went out for a halloween night out, selena, candy, and I were to go to manky's cafe but ended up at Lee's tofu since some restaurants closed early for halloween. It started well btu when it comes to a movie, it kinda got out of hand a little. Keeping true to the halloween spirit, we were to watch Saw V (alothough reviewers said it was getting old, it was still alright for the psychological aspect) but Selena wanted to watch High Musical 3 since she's a big fan of them. As for Candy, she ended up watching some sort of comedy. I was the first to finish the movie and i was walking around the mall for almost an hour when i finally got a call from selena and because we delayed the movie because she wanted to walk around the mall to see the kids, we pushed back candy's late birthday cake and her dvd (she was talking about it lately). I guess it was payback for what I accidently did to selena when we were at the Japan Expo and I guess i deserved it!

to lighten up the mood, I finally got the video published onto youtube. I should had check out youtube on how to convert MOV. to AVI. files (youtube have just about everything) and went to one of the recommended websites to do the conversions (its free!!). It took me almost 2 days to do it since I was getting use to how to edit videos unlike editing pictures complete w/ anime music soundtracks, captions, an other stuff like fading in and out music. I don't know if I'm still considered a beginner but felt that I've gotten better to be in the intermediate level.

The video/movie is bacially a vlog (video blogging) during the anime expo. enjoy!!!

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youtube video [Oct. 23rd, 2008|10:05 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
I know it's old (3 months old) but put it on youtube of a slideshow of the anime expo.


I actually wanted candy to see this since this was to originally be for her.
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Animes recommending [Sep. 16th, 2008|07:25 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
so for this part of the year has mostly been the romantic dramady (comedy/drama) along w/ horror and action. So lets get started.

Bamboo Blade
-a sports comedy that involves the all girl Kendo team in high school. It all started when the sensei made a deal w/ his senpai (refered to older classmate) who also teaches kendo in another high school that if his team can beat his rival, he can eat free sushi for a year.

Hell Girl
-It's a collection of short stories thats perfect for halloween around the corner. This involves a website that can bring revenge on the person who you dislike but it comes w/ a price; to do so, your soul will also go to hell once you complete your lifespan. Obviousely, these horrors is based on the shinto religion on hwo people are sent to hell. I havent seen the second season since the last episodes i wanted to watch were removed but the sound tracks are kool listen. and dont let the little girl fool you, she's the person who will send your enemies to hell.

The Wallflower
-So you got get to live in a large mansion w/ your friends when suddenly the landload tells you to make her neice a "lady" or else they must pay the rent. Thats the story of this anime when the neice gave up on beauty and living in a dark room and like the sight of anything that is scary...but she can cook!

more animeCollapse )
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anime and movie [Aug. 27th, 2008|05:37 am]
AJ Kamikaze
Seirei no Moribito (guardian of the spirit) is a new anime now showing late-night saturday/early morning sunday from the people that brought and created ghost in the shell. matter of fact, Balsa reminded people of Major Motoko of Ghost in the Shell (even the english dub sounds like her). The openign song is still stuck in my head that i downloaded the song from limewire (the band sounded like a japanese version of U2 in some way). Anyway, the anime is based on the manga of Balsa, a hired bodyguard who is now protecting a prince from assassination. I'm glad that prince decided to cut his hair!!! anyway, here's the opening of the series w/ the song that's still in my head.


So Max Payne will have it's own movie alright. I've read the story line but too bad I still havent played the game. For me, its a bettter subsitute than watchign the Punisher 2 movie (they changed the character!!!)


As for the Zelda movie I've been seeing. I had to admit its a very expensive fake trailer they had created since I was wondering why they want to release it on April 1, 2009. I'll post the video later.
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