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Animes watched on Fall 2010 - AJ Kamikaze [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
AJ Kamikaze

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Animes watched on Fall 2010 [Dec. 17th, 2010|09:59 pm]
AJ Kamikaze
Genshiken (seasons 1 & 2)
-Comedy, slice-of-life (aka "some personal drama")
-What is it like for a college student to join a club? Well this is the story of how one young college student and his classmates deal their everyday life of an anime-theme club called Genshiken (The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture). Based on the popular manga, the anime spans 4 years of the students as viewers plunge into the world of what an OTAKU is from playing video games, reading mangas, and cosplaying! Enjoy watchign w/ your friends. Not an Otaku? You'll relate to one of the members who has to deal w/ her otaku boyfriend.

Opening from Season 1


Taisho Baseball Girls
-Historic, slice-of-life, sports
-The year is 1925 in the Taisho era (Taisho 14) Japan. Japan at the time is moving fast in becomming more westernized in Asia and adopting western ideas. Sadly, not all agree to it. The highschool girls wanted to play baseball, but are looked down because it's a sport that a woman shouldn't be in. With the help of their homeroom and English teacher, an American, they will learn what baseball is all about and prove that women can be competative in the sport. Took a while but the animation style was also used on the anime Nanaka 6/17. This is also an anime that intregrates CGI. BTW, this is also the year when school girls are starting to be issued the famous "sailor" uniforms!

Opening w/o the subtitles.


Yosuga no Sora
-Romantic dramady
-After the death of their parents, fraternal twins Haru and Sora move into their old grandparent's residents in rural Japan where Haru meet once again familiar faces. This anime is based on ARC stories where one's action can affect other's around him.
CGI is heavily intergated into this anime. If you're familiar w/ the anime "Myself; Yourself", its the same animation style from the same people. I won't give any spoilers, but I hope nobody dies!

opening w/o subtitles


-Romantic comedy
-Let's just say that this is the most craziest, insane anime I have watched so far. The story revolves around high schooler Tarou as being a masochrist. To solve this problem, his friend points him the direction to his club called Secondary Volunatary Club. Bad idea, when the president of the club has a superiority complex and her school nurse friend a sadist. Every time the president tortures him, he would instead get excited of the pain instead of the opposite effect. Not to mention other club members including a girl w/ androphobia (a fear of men) who was responcible in turning Tarou into a masochrist and his best friend who turned out to be a cross-dresser. it isn't easy on him when he's home as his older sister and his mother want to get into an incest relationship with him. The anime is from the creators of the anime K-On and the president's voice actress did the voice of Azusa of K-On.

opening w/o subtitles


Oreimo (My little sister can't be this cute)
-Romantic comedy
-For years Kyosuke and his little sister Kirino havent been in talking terms but instead tend to either ignore or argue. One day he finds an anime on the front door and figuring out who is the sole owner of the DVD. it turns out to be his younger sister's. For the first time, they have a serious conversation in years as Kirino reveals to her brother her collection of anime and games she had kept secret from others as a closet Otaku. The openings are different yet the same song btu the anime's ending uses different songs for every episode.

3rd opening w/ English Subtitles


Seitokai Yakuindomo
-Sexual comedy
-How does it feel to finally go to a high school that you've been accepted? For Tsuda, it's akward for the school just made co-ed yet the majority of the school population are girls, making him the only guy stand out. This caught on the eye of the student council president who decided to make him vice-president (more like forced him)and a representative of the male population (though hardly). Joining him is an airhead for a secretary and a genius treasurer who is always mistaken for a child for her "short" height, though I would add she understands Tsuda and considered one of the "normal" girls. You would think this would excite a guy but turns out to be one of those decisions you wish you would want to go to another school. Be forwarned that this anime is full of sexual dark humor. Not even the Opening credits is safe!

Opening w/ English subtitles (Warning!)


Angel Beats!
-Action, supernational, dramedy
-When you think of a school or an academy? Learning math? Science? What about a place where high school students die and their souls arriving to a school serving as a place in weather to stay as spirits or to move on into the afterlife or be reincarnated. Not all agree to it as some students take on an Angel/Student council president and wage war in denying that they are dead. From the creators of Air TV, Kanon, and Clannad season's 1 & 2 brings you an anime that uses CGI to their fullest combined w/ their breath taking animation and soundtrack. This will bring you in tears of laughter and sadness!

Opening w English subtitles


PS- pay attention to the piano, that's not hand drawn!

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