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pinoylife's Journal

AJ Kamikaze
A filipino-american (I'm Ilocano) guy living in sunny Southern California who's having an intresting life both good and bad. If you have no idea where Gardena is, its only 15 miles to LOS ANGELES. So much for a pinoy life. MABUHAY PHILIPINAS!!!. Interraicalism is not a crime, love is just color-blind. I'm considered the unsual type with 3 different personalities: evil, normal, and insane.......interesting? So enter into my world at your own risk. as you can see in my friends list, the majority are girls. theres a reason for this, men sometimes tend to piss me off and for what they represent and im trying to clear that image.
As for college, im majoring in Nursing and Psychology(havent talked about double majoring yet). originally, i was interested in Forensic Science (actually Forensic psychology or Criminal profiling), but too much work for me. More info will be added later.

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